Cross-Curricular StrandsSports Olympic Logo

The Cross-Curricular Strands are HAM’s response to the changes to the Ofsted Framework. The Academy’s lessonAimhigher GT Logoobservation criteria have been updated to reflect the new foci for Teaching and Learning which prioritises Literacy, EnterpriseNumeracy and SMSC. Together with the Academy’s dual specialism of Sports & Enterprise and Gifted & Talented, these six cross-curricular skills are what we at the Academy refer to as the ‘strands’.  (Aimhigher runs alongside themLiteracy for Life providing opportunities for our students to gain awareness of Higher Education Institutions and courses).NumeracySMSC Logo

We pledge that we will ensure that:

  • Every student will know what the six strands are and be able to recognise the logos.

  • Every teacher will model the qualities and skills attributed to each strand.

  • Every lesson will promote the strands that are relevant to the topic being taught.

  • The pastoral programme will provide students with the opportunity to reflect on topical social issues affecting our local, national and global community. 

  • The enrichment programme will provide students with the opportunity to develop life skills outside of the classroom and  to develop as individuals, team players and leaders.

Each Cross-Curricular Strand is led by a named member of staff, coordinated by a member of SLT.

The Academy’s assembly programme has been restructured around thematic topics to ensure that all aspects of SMSC are covered. To support the topics covered in each faculty‘s assembly, the assembly leader will provide a SMSC based activity to complete in tutor time; these activities will develop reflection and communication skills in all students.

The Academy’s termly enrichment programme is vast and diverse with 70+ clubs on, our students have a range of activities to choose from to develop useful life skills such as sign language, first aid, cooking, MANGA and Literacy Leaders.

The Academy provides regular opportunities for students to learn outside of the classroom. As well as curriculum specific trips and competitive sporting fixtures, students are provided with opportunities to experience the Arts and learn about different cultures.

For additional information please contact the Academy.