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Open evening going well!


We love greeting prospective parents “wow isn’t your science department just an exciting place to learn”


Tonight’s student speaker Hani Yr8 “Last year was the best and fastest year of my life here at HAM - it was outstanding just like us”


First address from our Principal “we are an Academy that is outstanding and maintains that accolade every day”


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Local secondary schools' open days are underway. Visit tonight for their Open Evening:


An hour to go before we throw open our doors and welcome Year6 parents to see what we do and how we do it! Join us tonight’s from 5pm


Want to see what is all about? Come and join us at our Open Evening on Wednesday 20th September


Students this week working with using new software to help design new courtyards in


Yr11 are you ready? Booster schedule and list of preferred revision guides coming your way next! All info on our website


Missed our presentation to Yr11 parents and carers this week? No problem, take a look here


Thank you to all the Yr11 parents and carers who attended tonight's information evening. Links and info to follow


Yr 11 Parent Meeting this evening, preparing for the year ahead and engaging parents and carers with GCSE's. 6PM


WELCOME BACK TO ALL OUR AMAZING STUDENTS. A new year comes with new priorities, what will you do to be EMPOWERED & ENGAGED this year?


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Well done - we are so proud of all our students today ِ


Beverly and Caleb truly outstanding performances, together achieving 11A*\A grades, 3... yes 3... 9 grades an 8 and a 7!


Could not be more of our amazing students today. Achievement is success - well done everyone ِ


So pleased for all our students today! Incredible results today we can't wait to share them with you


It's here and we are so excited to see all our Year 11 students. Results available from 11am! See you soon


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Congratulations to all Harris Sixth Form students on their successful examination results. You are amazing. Good luck for the future.


More news coming through. Congrats to Leia A*AA going to read Eng Lit and Ibadur AAAA off to to read Biomedical Sci

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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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