Admission Appeal Hearings 2014

To appeal against the decision not to offer a Harris Academy Merton applicant a place in Year 7 for September 2014, please contact Mrs M Gavin, Admissions Officer at the Academy for an appeal form.  The form must be returned to the Academy by Friday 18th April 2014 in time for the hearings which will be held by the end of May 2014.  The Admissions policy can be found on the Policies & Procedures page.

School Admission Appeals Timetable 2014 DOWNLOAD


Admissions Policy for Year 7

Admission to Year 7 will be determined according to the detailed criteria below. 180 places are available each year and will be awarded to students across the full range of ability.

The allocation of places will take place within a framework of Fair Banding whereby applicants are placed in one of nine ability bands based on Nationally Standardised Results (NSR) depending on the score an applicant achieves in a Non-Verbal Reasoning test.  The number of places offered from each band is based on the NSR suggested intake. This process is to ensure a comprehensive intake into the Academy.

Where the number of applications for admission is greater than the published admissions’ number, applications will be considered against the criteria, and in the order, set out below. 

a)         Looked after children and previously looked after children  

b)         Applicants for whom it is essential that they be admitted to the Academy because of significant medical needs evidenced by written medical evidence. The Academy will make a judgment based on the evidence provided as to whether it is the only school able to meet the child’s needs.  

50% of the remaining places in each band will be offered to students living within a two mile radial distance of the Academy on the basis of proximity.  Distance to be measured using the straight line distance (defined by the Academy) between the main entrance to an applicant’s home and the main entrance to the Academy site.  Where an applicant lives for part of each week at different addresses, the ‘home’ address shall be that address where the pupil spends the majority of the week.

The remaining 50% of the places in each band will be offered to applicants living between a two and four mile radial distance on the basis of proximity. 

Applications for In Year Admissions

Applications for in-year admission to Years 7-11 at the Academy will need to be made via the London borough of Merton's school admissions department. Please contact them on 020 8274 4906 for an application form.  If more applications are received than there are places available, the over subscription criteria shall apply. 

Post 16 Applications

Applications to the Academy sixth form should be made via the Harris Federation, please click here for details.