What is Aimhigher?

This national campaign encourages young people to think about the benefits and opportunities stemming from Higher Education (HE), especially young people from families with no tradition of HE.

Higher education can open up new career options and help any student find their dream job. What’s more, students will be immersed in a subject that they love, have new experiences and meet new people. The Aimhigher programme is there to help make more people aware of what HE is all about. 

How are Aimhigher target groups identified?

Different projects have different target audiences. The Academy identifies target groups of students of specific gender, age, ethnicity and background to raise achievement in under achieving groups; these students will be invited to focused events to support their progress and raise their aspirations. Other events will work with a larger, more varied group to give information, guidance and reinforce routes to HE and more prestigious careers.

Who are our partner universities?

Coventry University -

Kingston University -

London South Bank University -

Roehampton University -

St Mary’s University College -

Surrey University -


Examples of activities we do in partnership with our Universities:

 Year 7

  • Discovery Day to Kingston University
  • Science trip to Surrey University
  • Money Matters Workshop Kingston University

Year 8

  • Mini Olympics Day to Roehampton University
  • Explorers Workshop from Kingston University
  • Money Matters Workshop from Kingston University

Year 9

  • Your Future Conference at Kingston University
  • Money Matters Workshop from Kingston University
  • English taster to St Mary’s University College
  • Options advice

Year 10

  • Year 10 Aspirations Workshop at Surrey University
  • English taster to St Mary’s University College

Year 11

  • History taster to St Mary’s University College
  • On site revision workshops
  • CV workshop
  • Options and Careers advice

Post 16

  • UCAS writing workshop
  • Psychology Taster at St Mary’s University College
  • Sports Science Taster at London South Bank University


Autumn 2012

This term, Aim Higher has been arranging various University Experiences to give students at the Academy a greater understanding of university life and how to achieve this academically.

We have a schedule of University trips and visitors coming in to give as much access as possible to both those that are identified as Aim Higher and hopefully giving all students the potential to have an Aim Higher experience. For example, this term some of our Year 7s went to Surrey University Science Circus (Feedback: Report 1, Report 2, Report 3).  Along with a series of Science trips working with Imperial College. We have had 'Ask Me' booths at Year 11 and Post 16 Parents' Evenings manned by Ambassadors from Kingston University. We have had a Professor from Kingston University come and talk to a Post 16 focus group regarding University websites. We have also selected Post 16 Aim Higher Ambassadors. 

We have been very busy re-assessing the Aim Higher criteria following changes in governmental policy and identification, letters will be sent to Parents/Carers very shortly.  With help from the Drawing enrichment club we hope to have a new design for our logo and Ambassador badges.

Upcoming events:

•             A joint Year 9 Aim Higher ‘Aspirations’ trip (with Harris Academy Morden) going to Surrey University.  

•             Aim Higher Week will be Monday 8th July – Thursday 11th July 2013

There will be numerous events throughout the year for the whole Aim Higher cohort. Watch this space!

Further information can be obtained from this website:

Please contact the academy’s Aimhigher Manager, Jamie Doherty for more information:

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