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Safer Schools Police Officer

John Wylie

PC John Wylie

I am the Safer Schools Police Officer at Harris Academy Merton. I have recently joined the Academy after serving 2 years as a Safer Neighbourhood Officer and Response Officer in the borough of Merton.

Before this I served as a volunteer Police Officer (Special Constable), for 8 years in the borough of Sutton, while teaching full time as a Lecturer in Construction.

My role here is to support the Academy and provide a safe and secure learning environment for all students and staff.

I am here to be an approachable Police representative, building positive relationships between students and the local Police. My presence at the Academy will help reassure students and reduce the prevalence of crime.

If a student gets involved in anti-social behaviour or other crimes, I work in conjunction with the schools discipline structure to deal with it promptly and appropriately. However, when behaviour fails to improve or the incident is very serious then tougher enforcement measures may need to be used. I offer support to any student who feels affected by crime or any type of anti-social behaviour.

You can contact me via the Academy on 020 8623 1000 or by email wyliej@harrismerton.org.uk

Merton Safer NeighbourhoodsIf you suspect it, report it - that's the message of a counter-terrorism publicity campaign launched by the Metropolitan Police Service. Immobilise - Property Register