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Enrichment Activities- Spring Term 2016


The Spring Term Programme will run from Monday 25th January

The offer for the Spring Term Enrichment Activities can be found HERE. Choose your clubs and make a note of them in your Planner on Page 9. To register for them please see the instructions below:

Step by Step Guide for Students

  1. Login as you normally do on any computer
  2. Click on START then ALL Programs then click on Clubs: desktopclient
  3. All the Clubs that are available to you will show on the screen
  4. Click the BLUE WORDING to select a club you want to attend
  5. Make a note of the day and times and write in your planner on page 9
  6. Remember to click the STAR button at the bottom to confirm your enrolment onto the club
  7. Press CLOSE and shut down the programme



Students in year 7 to 9 should choose at least one club per week to attend during the Spring Term. We ask parent/carers to discuss the choices with their child as no confirmation will be issued. Students should write the name of the club, day and time information in their planner on page 9 and parental permission must be signed before your child is allowed to stay.

If your child attends Independent Learning in the LRC as their chosen club they will be able to leave the session once their work is finished.

Dates when clubs are cancelled due to Parents' Evenings, Open Evenings etc. are listed on the Diary page on our website.

Sometimes clubs are cancelled at short notice, due to weather conditions or other situations beyond our control, without prior notification to parents/carers, should this occur we will aim for the student to contact parent/carers to let them know.

For more information about the Enrichment timetable, please contact:

Donna Neblett, Partnerships & Enrichment Manager 8623 1032 or Neblettd@harrismerton.org.uk