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Merton Borough Football Cup - May 2013

HAM’s Year 10 football team has won the Merton Borough football cup. The final was played at Tooting & Mitcham F.C. on May 1st. The team were participating in their third successive final and they are the first team from Harris Academy Merton to win this trophy in any year group. The team were outstanding on the night beating St Marks Academy 5-2. The collective team spirit and the desire to win meant the team dominated from the start and never looked like losing. Stephane Bombalenga’s accuracy from set pieces placed St Marks under pressure and forced two early own goals. Second half goals were scored by Edem, Sam, and Jon.

Arsenal vs Everton Football Match - April 2013

In April we went to a match at the Emirates stadium which was a highly enjoyable, close contested encounter between Arsenal and Everton. Both teams boasted impressive starting line-ups, and both looked ready to give their all on the pitch during their warm-ups. Both Arsenal and Everton wore black armbands and took part in a minute's silence for those that were killed, and wounded in the Boston Bombings. After the minutes silence, both crowds broke into emancipated roars as the game was about to begin.

          Arsenal Trip - April 2013 2              Arsenal Trip - April 2013 4

As Arsenal kicked off, Everton pressed the ball straight away, this match was due to be an interesting one. 20 minutes in, Giroud (Arsenal's frontman) ha demised two great chances, created by the likes of Aaron Ramsey and Mikel Arteta. Not only did Arsenal come close, but Everton were playing recklessly, as Darren Gibson made a rash challenge on Arsenal's Theo Walcott, elbowing him in the face, and was given a yellow card. On the 26th minute mark, Anichiebe came close for Everton, with a powerful shot that caused Arsenal keeper Scezney to scupper the ball and almost concede. 10 minutes later, there was another elbow on Theo Walcott as he attacked Everton's goal, this time from Everton defender Mirallas, to the anger of Jack Wilshere who quickly squared up to the defender - before the two were broken up by Leighton Baines and Steven Pieenar.

It was 0-0 at the interval, but more controversy took place as the two teams went down the tunnel, Mirallas had sprayed water at the Arsenal players causing Wilshere to kick off as they both scuffled. Everton started the second half well, keeping the ball and finding their feet in the game, when Giroud then missed another great chance, leaving Arsenal fans reeling. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlaine and Lukas Podolski both came on to standing ovations, but made no major difference to the game, with the match ending in 0-0.

We had a brilliant time seeing this match, thank you from all of us to Lord Harris for the opportunity.

Tariq, Year 9

UKSA Sailing Trip

In September twenty Year 9 students visited the UKSA water sports centre on the Isle of Wight. All of the students were selected for their excellent etiquette and attitude in PE lessons. During the week the students were able to participate in a wide range of activities including: kayaking, keel boating, dingy sailing, surfing, and raft building. This trip was sponsored by the Harris Federation. 

                                         UKSA Sailing Trip - Pic 1


Harris Federation Trampoline Competition

Harris Academy Merton hosted the annual Federation trampoline competition in January 2013. The competition is scored by professional Trampoline judges that usually officiate at regional and national club finals. This allowed for all the students to receive excellent analytical feedback in order to make improvements. The standard of ability was very high and we were delighted that our team came away with 3 medals: 1 in the intermediate group, 2 in the advanced group. Harris Academy Merton were crowned the overall Federation Trampolining winners for the 3rd year in a row.

                                         Harris Federation Trampoline Competition

London 2012 Olympics Games

The Olympic and Paralympic games in London this summer have captured the nation and many of our students were part of the games. The Academy was lucky enough to be allocated 161 tickets as part of Mayor Johnson’s promise that local school children would attend the games. These tickets were across a range of sporting activities like football, volleyball, basketball, athletics and hockey. The students seemed to be inspired both by the performances of athletes taking place and the magnitude of the events happening in their home city.

2012 Games 1          2012 Games 2

Students from Harris Merton working as Young Games Makers at both the Olympic stadium, and the Olympic Tennis tournaments at Wimbledon; the students acted in a professional manner and excelled in their roles. Event organisers were quick to heap praise on our students and gave them higher profile events at they knew they could rely on them. This resulted in our students working on the TV show courts for such players as Andy Murray and Roger Federer.

2012 Games 3         2012 Games 4

The motto of the London 2012 games has been ‘Inspire a Generation’, and it is now our aim at Harris Academy Merton to ensure that our students are inspired to work hard and achieve success.

Olympic Volleyball Trip

Our volleyball session was scheduled for the afternoon and we were due to see two excellent matches. Firstly Serbia took on Turkey. Serbia played a fantastic first set before losing it 20 points to 25 and went on to have a lack lustre second set losing that 12 to 25. In the third set they looked to be making a comeback but narrowly lost 21 to 25 handing the game to Turkey.  The second match was the one we had been waiting for, Great Britain versus Italy. Italy are a well-recognised, fantastic team and were certainly up for the game. Team GB had an incredible start fighting hard and getting points on the board early, however this first set was eventually narrowly lost 25 to 27. The second and third sets were much the same, a good spirit from Team GB held them in the game and some excellent play was demonstrated by the team. Eventually both sets were lost 12 to 25 and Italy took the game.


Overall a great day was had by all from HAM, and we all enjoyed an unforgettable Olympic experience that made us all feel as though the games were Inspiring a Generation.

Athletics Young Games Makers

24 students from Harris Merton qualified for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help at 2012. The students were selected at Olympic Young Games Maker trials and helped at the Paralympic Athletics Competition and Olympic Tennis Event. We are very proud to say that we were the only academy in the Harris Federation and the only school in Merton that was selected for such an honourable duty.

Young Games 1  Young Games 2  Sports Specialism3

Tennis Young Games Makers

Young Games Makers were responsible for retrieving balls and giving them to players when requested during the competition, as well as implementing ball change during matches and taking care of players’ requests during changeovers and set breaks.  The last few months have been extremely busy for the Olympic Tennis YGM, the 14 students were busy with extra training sessions at school and had their final learning/training day on Saturday 21st April.  The two teams spent the day at the National Tennis Centre practising and improving their ball-balling skills by actually doing them in a ‘real’ match with ‘real’ tennis players.  The day showed how far they hadcome as a group but also how much more they needed to do to be the best in July.  The next big test was on the 13th June when they were ball-boy and girls at the Wild Card Event for Wimbledon.  That was the first time many of the students had visited the All England Tennis Club and really gave them a ‘taster’ of what was to come!

Tennis Young Games 1      Tennis Young Games 2                         

Olympic Values Postcards

This year students will still be receiving Olympic value postcards. Every week teachers vote for a student in each faculty that has achieved an Olympic Value. Winners are awarded with a Gold Slip and an Olympic postcard.

Olympic postcard

National School Sports Week 2012

In June National School Sports Week took centre stage at Harris Academy Merton. All students in PE had the opportunity to take part in a range of different sporting experiences that they would not normally do in conventional PE lessons. This was achieved through the development of a multi-sport circuit that all KS3 students completed. Activities such as golf, seated volleyball, goal ball, skipping, boccia and tug-of-war were all on offer.


External coaches also offered students the opportunity to experience new sports. Students were able to take part in wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby, with many students commenting on how much they enjoyed the sessions and how they would like to have a wheelchair sport enrichment club. Students were also able to participate in a series of archery competitions and fencing taster sessions.

Outside of the PE department programme for the week it was also evident that all lessons had been embedded with sporting activities and the Olympic Values. The cross-curricular events and competitions were led by the academy’s Sports Strand Working Party. It was great to see the whole staff and student community demonstrating these values as they approached the London 2012 Olympic Games. The English department celebrated the week by holding an Olympic-themed poetry competition.  Students were invited to reflect on the seven Olympic values and to use them to write an inspirational poem on an Olympic event.  With so many outstanding entries, the English department had difficulty making their final decision.  Winners were awarded cash prizes for being placed in Gold, Silver and Bronze position.

Visit from Tim Prendergast

TP visit

On Wednesday the 13th of June, Tim Prendergast attended our Academy to share his experiences and goals of being a long distance runner (captain of the New Zealand Paralympic squad). He came in to share his life story with us, as we were in the Olympic Leader’s Squad. His disability is that he is partially blind as he lost 95% of his vision. Tim Prendergast won a gold medal in Athens 2004 and also two silver medals at Sydney 2000. We watched some of the action on video while he was taking part in some of the races; we watched a video of a failure that took place and an achievement. The 1st video showed that he was so determined to win the race that he was ignoring the signs of his body telling him to give in, but still carried on. This led him to collapse 100m away from the finish line and also over it. He shared his emotions about it but said he had to forget about it and had to make a fresh start. By doing that he improved by 2004 and won gold. This touched us very much to see that you can do anything you want to if you have the determination and also confidence, no matter what disability you have. We also learnt that you have to put bad memories in a box and get back up and start afresh. Tim Prendergast was an amazing inspiration to us as he also took part in the 2012 London Olympics. It was a great opportunity to meet and take pictures with him.

By Leiane and Sian

Read about Tim's visit in this article from The Post


European Cadet Championships in Montenegro

In January I competed in the Commonwealth Cadet Judo Championships which I won. In March I was selected to represent England at a Training Camp in the Ukraine. At the beginning of April I was selected to represent England at a Cadet European Cup in Czech Slovakia which I won two fights in. Most recently, in June I have been selected to represent Great Britain at the European Championships in Montenegro.

Written by Jamal, Year 10


Jon Lynes

Cross Curricular Strand Leader for the Sports Specialism


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