What is SMSC?

At Harris Academy Merton we are dedicated to developing the whole student. We want to help our students grow into responsible and positive members of the community.  We believe the Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural development of our students is a central part of our purpose, along with ensuring excellent standards in the classroom.  

Our mission is to make sure SMSC is developed through a whole school approach, through the taught curriculum, the pastoral and assembly programme and through trips, visits and the enrichment programme. The main focus of 2012-13 is to extend our provision and build on the great work already taking place in many areas of the academy. We will make sure that students are clear that SMSC is not just something that is ‘taught’ but also something that is ‘caught’ through their active membership in the academy community.

How are we going to develop SMSC in our students?

  • Provide students with the opportunity to work independently and show that they can be self-reliant learners.

  • Provide opportunities for students to develop teamwork and leadership skills.

  • Encourage students to actively participate and engage in the lesson.

  • Provide the opportunity for students to reflect and develop thinking skills

  • Encourage students to display consideration, cooperation, courtesy and respect to their peers and to staff.

  • Provide students with opportunity to be creative and develop a fascination for the subject/ topic.

During the last year, we have had a number of events which promote the SMSC values. These have included specialised drama activities about how to stay safe and how to become positive members of the community. We have built links with the Metropolitan police and the London Fire Brigade to encourage students to take on positive responsibility. The students have been involved in projects discussing the dangers of peer pressure and gang culture; which were worries highlighted by the students themselves. Culturally the students have been involved with a range of visits and experiences to increase their awareness of the world around them. This year we have been very lucky to have been able to send students to the Olympics and Paralympics, both as spectators and Young Games Makers. It has been a very exciting year.

In the coming year we hope to continue actively promoting SMSC with additional activities including teacher led cultural visits and enrichment allowing students access to an increased number of social and cultural experiences. So we look forward to an exciting year ahead building on the success of this year.


AH 1

 Year 7 had an opportunity to handle historical artefacts during their History lesson – the Museum came to HAM

 AH 2

 AS Geography students experience the Geography of Bournemouth first hand.

 AH 3

The whole school shared positive thoughts with each other for Valentine’s Day.

AH 4

Our students had the opportunity to become involved in London 2012 Olympic Tennis as Young Games Makers.

AH 5

Students involved in the METRACK programme working with the Metropolitan Police.

Lorna Singleton

Cross Curricular Strand Leader for SMSC


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