A 6-2 victory for our U16 boys football team in the 2nd round of the Surrey Cup. After being down straight after the first whistle, the boys managed to pull it back and gain control of the game. Goals from Daejharn ⚽️ Jay-Jay ⚽️ and a hatrick from Jamal ⚽️⚽️⚽️MOTM - Jamal 👏🏼


Year 11 are making the most of expert advice on effective revision this morning 📚


Passing the torch of leadership: Year 11 prefects share insights as they mentor new hopefuls through the art of impactful election speeches!


🏆 YR 10/11 MERTON BOROUGH BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS 🏆 A smashing performance from our boys who were undefeated in the tournament. They will now proceed to represent Merton at the 🏀⛹🏽


Year 10 Business and IT students at Skills London, the UK’s largest jobs and careers event for 14 – 24-year-olds!


This week Yr 9 are baking chocolate brownies in Food Tech!


Prefects in action: Crafting the blueprint for an assembly that introduces the future leaders – a glimpse into the exciting journey of new prefect elections.


Our Year 10 boys football team played Forest Hill in the 2nd round of the London Cup today. A clinical performance with 4-1 victory puts them through to the next round🤞🏼🍀Goals from Daejharn ⚽️ Jamal ⚽️ and Zion ⚽️⚽️MOTM - Luis 👏🏼


Yr 10 GCSE Food Tech students are cooking rice dishes this week


School prefects honor the solemnity of Armistice Day, uniting in remembrance as they lay a wreath at the Merton Armistice Service to pay tribute to those who sacrificed for peace.


Our Year 7 Netball team have arrived at their first Borough Netball competition. A warm up and quick team talk before they get started 🍀🏐🤞🏼


Year 9 are studying vegetarianism and making veggie curry in Food Tech this week!


🏆 U16 Merton Borough Table Tennis Champions 🏆A smashing performance today at the borough competition. The boys will now go through to the Final Best of 8 next month. A massive thanks to Coach Jag who has progressed these boys so much!


Prefects designing the food of the future focusing on sustainability. Options include: butterfly wing crisps, ant breakfast bars and cell cultured meat


Yesterday the Year 9 Netball team competed at the Borough tournament. Out of 10 teams they came 3rd with only losing 1 game against a very strong opposition 🥉 Thank you for hosting 🙌🏼POTM -Genesis 👏🏽


Yesterday some of our KS3 girls had an incredible day learning outside the Academy experiencing the wonders of Science at


Two more stops on our trip! Firstly, Ypres Town to see the Menin Gate and then Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery. Great day, packed full of history had by all.


Second stop - students visited Sanctuary Wood where they saw weapons and used stereoviews to look at original images from the war. They then spent time in the trenches!


The Passchendaele Museum has been the first stop in Belgium for our year 9 historians. Students walked through the dugouts and engaged with many different artefacts from the World War.


Year 11 Geographers are collecting data this week in Battersea to support their investigation on regeneration and it’s impact on the community

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office

















Contextual Safeguarding

“Contextual Safeguarding is an approach to understanding, and responding to, young people’s experiences of significant harm beyond their families. It recognises that the different relationships that young people form in their neighbourhoods, schools and online can feature violence and abuse. Parents and carers have little influence over these contexts, and young people’s experiences of extra-familial abuse can undermine parent-child relationships.”

Safeguarding incidents and/or behaviours can be associated with factors outside of our Academy, for example factors specific to the local community and population. When assessing, planning, or implementing safeguarding polices, protocols and procedures, staff consider a range of contextual factors contributing to the risk of the individual’s safety, well-being and welfare. When making a referral or sharing information with agencies, these risks must also be considered and well documented.

Assessment framework

Triangle chart for the Assessment of Children in Need and their Families

London Child Protection procedures

Understanding the contextual safeguarding risks means that we can respond to the experiences that young people face in their wider, extra-familial environment. The safeguarding team, along with all Academy staff, are aware of the potential risks and that students may be vulnerable to multiple harms beyond the home. The Academy is located in the Pollards Hill ward in the London Borough of Merton; however, with the majority of students residing in London Boroughs of Merton and Croydon. Therefore, is it important that contextual priorities are considered across both London Boroughs. The last inspection of Merton local authority children’s services was in 2022, the graded was ‘outstanding’ – full report here.

The last inspection of Croydon local authority children’s services was in 2020, the graded was ‘good’ – full report here.


What are the safeguarding priorities for Merton and Croydon local authorities?


Merton’s local Safeguarding Children’s Partnership


The current priorities of the MSCP are:

1. Early Help

This work is part of a whole system approach and is based on a clear understanding of local need.  The Partnership’s priority is to ensure that there is clear coordination and quality assurance of Early Help, with a shared focus on the journey and experience of the child and family.

2. Think family: Domestic Abuse and Neglect

The Safeguarding Partnership actively monitors, promotes, coordinates, and evaluates the work of partner agencies to help protect children at risk of domestic abuse, including working effectively with other multi-agency groups that have responsibility for responding to domestic abuse.

The Partnership actively monitors, promotes, coordinates, and evaluates the work of all agencies to ensure they help and protect children at risk of neglect, this includes working effectively with other multi-agency groups that have responsibility for responding to neglect.

3. Contextual Safeguarding

The Partnership will work with all agencies to ensure that there is a highly coordinated multi-agency and whole-council approach to a range of adolescent risks that occur in contexts beyond the family home (e.g., neighbourhood, schools, local shopping centres, youth venues etc.). These risks include child criminal exploitation, child sexual exploitation, serious youth violence, peer on peer abuse, harmful sexual behaviour, and other overlapping forms of harm. The Partnership is aware of the risks of exploitation in their local area.

How does Harris Academy Merton support Merton’s Contextual Safeguarding Priorities?


Risk and Priority Academy Response
Early Help
  • Academy Early Help Strategy and Team- support for students and families.
  • Extensive Academy Early Help offer- internal support and external referrals.
  • An Intervention Zone for students to seek support or guidance.
  • A Learning Zone to support academic achievement.
  • Early help workshops run by the Early Help Team.
  • Strong partnerships with external agencies.
  • Referrals to Local Authorities to access well-being and early help support.
  • Student support offered at break, lunch and after school.
  • Early Help signposting throughout the RSHE curriculum.
  • Red Academy post boxes (‘worry boxes’), SharePoint reporting button, and RSHE question boxes for students to seek support both on and off site if they do not feel able to speak with someone in person initially.

Think Family:

Domestic Abuse and Neglect 

  • Academy Early Help Team– support for students and their families.
  • Established links to make early help referrals for families.
  • Home visits by the DSL and Safeguarding Team.
  • Signposting for parents through the website and message updates.
  • Specific teaching on domestic abuse and neglect in the RSHE curriculum.
  • Signposting around the Academy.
  • Safeguarding newsletter.
Contextual Safeguarding 
  • Contextual safeguarding survey for students examining safeguarding in and outside of school.
  • Parent safeguarding survey and safeguarding/ RSHE newsletter.
  • Staff feedback survey after teaching RSHE.
  • Collaboration with local agencies and partners.
  • Close partnership with the Academy Safer Schools Police Officer.
  • DSL attends Merton DSL forums and contextual safeguarding forums.
  • Contextual safeguarding and risks outside of the home issues highlighted and taught in the RSHE curriculum.
  • Detailed information gathering when students start at the Academy.
  • Establishment of positive working relationships with students and parents.


How does Harris Academy Merton support Croydon’s Contextual Safeguarding Priorities?

Croydon’s local Safeguarding Children’s Partnership


Risk Academy Response
Looked After Children – high rate

Designated Teacher for LAC is supported by the SEND and Safeguarding Support Officer, Ms Forsyth, who works with LAC students to promote academic achievement and ensure the voice of the student is heard.

Opportunity for LAC students to have external academic tutoring.
Young carers

Designated teacher for Young Carers, Ms Forysth, who works closely with the Early Help Team and inform staff of students who are Young Carers.

Young carers can seek support through the Early Help Team.

A referral can be made to the LA Young Carers Support network.
Child criminal exploitation and county lines / Violence in the community

Specific teaching on CME and county lines through the RSHE curriculum

Grooming taught within the RSHE curriculum. Term 1 RSHE the theme is Healthy Relationships with a focus on CCE and CSE.

Use of St Giles Trust within Personal Development RSHE sessions students to access specialist guidance. 

Attendance, punctuality, and CME monitoring by ALT, DSL and Attendance Officer. 
Homelessness, Housing and Welfare

Academy Early Help Team– support for students and families.

Referrals for families where living arrangements may create safeguarding concerns.

Early Help Local Authority referrals to support families.

Home visits by the DSL and Safeguarding and Early Help Team.

Mental health and well being

Early Help Team available all day to support students.

Many staff have been involved in the trauma informed schools training.

Mental health champions. Youth Mental Health trained and First Aid Mental Health trained and within the staff body.

Mental health and wellbeing are taught within the RSHE curriculum.

Academy enrichment programme and Personal Development programme, break and lunch time clubs in the Intervention and Learning Zone.

Off the Record and close work with Merton TAMHs clinician.
Parental- mental ill health, substance misuse, domestic abuse, neglect
  • Academy Early Help Team– support for students and their families.
  • Established links to make early help referrals for families.
  • Home visits by the DSL and Safeguarding Team.
  • Signposting for parents through the website and message updates.
  • Specific teaching on domestic abuse, abuse in intimate relationships in the RSHE curriculum.
  • Substance misuse drop-down sessions in Term 3 as part of the RSHE curriculum.